Tomas Agallon was the eldest child of Silas Agallon, a successful Paelsian wine seller, He was beloved by his family, especially by his younger brother, Jonas.

Part In Falling Kingdoms Edit

Tomas, alongside Jonas, enter their father's shop to discover that they are hosting two Auranian royals, the first of which being Lord Aron Lagaris and the second of which being none other than her royal highness Princess Cleiona Bellos. Aron, already somewhat intoxicated, is seen arguing with Silas over price. After offering a ridiculously cheap offer that would be shameful for the Agallons to accept, Aron is asked to leave. Offended by the Paelsians, Aron slits Tomas's throat, killing him. The Agallons are horrified, and before they have time to regain their composure, Aron and the princess, along with her bodyguard, Theon Ranus, flee the scene.

Influence Over Jonas Edit

Jonas was extremely fond of his brother and his unjust death was Jonas's primary motivation for leaving Paelsia and seeking war. However, over time, Jonas's temper cools, and he becomes less motivated by revenge, instead becoming a pursuer of justice and a hopeful liberator of Mytica. He even forgives Princess Cleo for her part in Tomas's death. He falls short of forgiving Aron though, who later takes the life of Brion Radenos, Jonas's closest friend. Jonas is robbed of his rightful revenge, however, for when the times comes for Jonas to take Aron's life, he discovers that Aron had already been slain by Prince Magnus, moments before.