Tobias Argynos was the son of an Auranian courtesan who traveled to Limeros to serve in King Gaius's royal court. He quickly ascended in rank, becoming the King's Valet. It was also rumored that Tobias was the king's bastard son, and it was for this reason Gaius had taken such a liking to him. Prince Magnus was deeply jealous of Tobias because of this, worrying that Tobias, his father's favored son, might usurp Magnus as heir to the throne. These worries turned out to be unwarranted, however, for when Chieftain Basilius, ruler of Paelsia, journeyed to Limeros in the hopes of an alliance, he demanded a blood sacrifice, of some worth to the king, to prove King Gaius's sincerity, and Gaius chose Tobias. He disembowled his bastard in the presence of the Chief and his top advisors.