Theon Ranus was Princess Cleo's bodyguard and lover before his untimely death.

History Edit

Theon Ranus was the son of Simon Ranus, King Corvin's personal bodyguard. He had a twin brother, Taran, with whom he was estranged. The reason for this was the fact that Taran had killed their mother, who, unbeknownst to Theon, was a witch, and had attempted to kill Taran shortly before her death. Witches believe twins to hold great power, but only if the weaker twin is sacrificed. Taran was deemed so, and his mother intended to sacrifice him. Theon himself showed no magical inclinations while he was alive, perhaps because of his twin brother's continual survival.

Theon was raised by his father, Simon, who was dear to him. Theon's father taught him everything he knew about swordplay, an art in which Theon was proficient. A week prior to start of Falling Kingdoms, Simon was killed. He was thrown from a horse and broke his neck.

Description Edit

Theon was described as very handsome, with "dark good looks". He had dark bronze hair and deeply tanned skin. He was tall and muscular, with broad shoulders.

Part In The Novels Edit

In Falling Kingdoms- Died while protecting Cleo Edit