The Kindred are elemental beings that embody the four different types of elementia. They are immortal and omnipotent, their fates tied to their respective elementia. They cannot die, only be imprisoned, and only by the Elder Watchers.

History Edit

Once, the Kindred roamed the world, freely using their abilities to wreak havoc and ensue chaos, instilling themselves as supreme beings and rulers of the world. The siblings, as they prefer to be known as, are immortal, being the personification of their respective elementia elements. For example, as long as fire elementia exists, the Fire Kindred will exist, and so on with the other Kindred. They can, however, be weakened. The Elder Watchers imprisoned the Kindred in crystal orbs, trapping the so called gods and restricting their power. While trapped in their crystal prisons, the Kindred are at the mercy of their possessor, the full extent of their power available to their holder.