The former queen of Limeros. She was the wife of King Davidus, the mother of King Gaius and the grandmother of King Magnus and Princess Lucia . She was also secretly a witch, inclined towards fire Elementia. She was beloved by her son, Gaius, who knew her true nature. She used her abilites to aid him in his pursuit of power, oftentimes without his knowledge. She eliminated Elena, the wife of King Corvin and the mother of the Princesses Emilia and Cleo. Elena was the subject of Gaius's affections during his youth. She killed Elena to prevent her from distracting Gaius from his ambitions, and, in the aftermath of her death, Selia brewed a potion that would prevent Gaius from suffering from further feelings for dead queen, lest he be consumed by his grief and unable, or unwilling, to satisfy Selia's ambitions. The potion went on to make the Gaius numb to all emotion and feeling, leading many Myticans to believe he was a natural psychopath. She also poisoned her husband, Gaius's father, Davidus, whom she deemed too weak to rule, so that Gaius could assume the Limerian throne. This event led to her exile, as many Limerians believed her to be complicit in the king's death, and rightfully so. Gaius then propogated the belief that his mother was dead. It wasn't until Crystal Storm that Prince Magnus learned she was still alive. Gaius sought her out for help after his near-death experience, which he only survived due to the effects of her numbing potion, which made him inhumanly strong and resilient, and was now nullified. Gaius later banished her, after she attempted to poison Princess Cleo. She appeared before him once more, in spite of his wishes, and revealed her grander treachery: that she had been working for Kyan, the Fire Kindred, all along, with the intention of offering Gaius to the Kindred as a human host for one of Kyan's brethren. And, a man of his word, Gaius carried out the sentence he threatened her with, should she ever return. Death.