Paelsia is one of three kingdoms located in Mytica.

 General Information Edit

Paelsia was situated between Limeros and Auranos. The region was dry, desert-like, and very poor. Hardly anything good or resourceful grew anymore. Their only form of trade was wine, and because Limeros did not drink, they were forced to sell to Auranos to survive. Most Paelsians believed that Paelsian wine was their best hope and survival for the country; however, a few people (including Jonas Agallon) believed this an ignorance and weakness of Paelsians.

Paelsia was once considered a land filled with gardens, lush forests, and hundreds of rivers filled with fish; a land with overflowing of wild animals to hunt. Unfortunately, after three generations, Paelsia became less fertile and less able to sustain life. Closer to the sea, some parts improved, but the rest became withered and dead.

The kingdom of Paelsia was ruled by the Chieftain Hugo Basilius. He had two daughters; his eldest named Laelia Basilius. Chief Basilius was an inept and selfish ruler; only his claims as a wizard gave rise to his position as Chieftain. However, this was a lie but the Paelsian people are fooled quite easily, and thus they put their faith into him. Only a very few did not trust or believe in the Chieftain. After the short war with Auranos, Chief Basilius was killed by the King of Limeros, Gaius Damora, and Paelsia was thus ruled by Limeros.

The kingdom, now part of the greater kingdom of Mytica, is ruled by King Magnus Damora and Queen Cleiona Bellos, with their son as its future heir.