A self-proclaimed "witch" who heals Jonas in Frozen Tides and agrees to join him. After the death of Lysandra it is revealed that she is actually a Watcher from the Sanctuary sent to protect Jonas by her elder, Timotheus. Unlike previous Watchers who exiled themselves in order to walk in the human world, she is still able to transform into a hawk and travel to and from the Sanctuary due to the "sorceress's blood" being spilled, thus removing the mystical walls that kept the Watchers trapped in the Sanctuary. While Jonas was upset with her for allowing Lysandra to die, he gives her a second chance to redeem herself and allows her to continue to protect him. Jonas describes her as gorgeous, with obsidian black hair, shimmering brown skin and emerald colored eyes.

At the end of the book, Crystal Storm, the Earth Kindred took over her body.