Jonas is the seventeen year old son of a wine-seller, Silas Agallon, born in Paelsia. He is the youngest of his older siblings, Felicia and Tomas Agallon. After the unjust death of his brother Tomas, Jonas seeks vengeance on Auranos, and more specifically, Lord Aron, who slit his brother's throat, and Princess Cleo, who watched, indifferent. He joined Chief Basilius's forces who, at the time, were allied with Limeros, to destroy Auranos. However, after the war, King Gaius betrayed Basilius and Paelsia by murdering Basilius and subsequently enslaving the Paelsian people. He then devoted his life to freeing Mytica from the tyrannical grip of King Gaius, the King of Blood.

He is now a free man and currently in a growing romantic relationship with Princess Lucia Damora, the Sorceress Reborn.

First AppearanceEdit

Jonas is first introduced alongside his older brother, Tomas, who enter their father's store and realize trouble is occurring.

A vain and greedy Auranian lord named Aron Lagaris wants to purchase their father's wine at fourteen centimos per case, which is an extremely low payment. Silas Agallon reluctantly accepts the purchase, not wanting to anger the Auranians, but his sons are furious and feel like their father is being cheated. Tomas and Jonas demand Lord Aron to give their father a better price for the wine or leave the country without the wine. Aron rejects their threatening offers and insists that he will buy the wine at the price he wants. The quarrel carries too far when Aron begins insulting Felicia Agallon, Tomas and Jonas's sister, and threatens the lives of the Agallon family. In furious rage, Tomas reaches for Lord Aron, but Lord Aron stabs him deep in the throat with a golden jeweled dagger. Tomas collapses with the golden dagger still sticking deep in his throat while a horrified Princess Cleo quickly departs alongside Lord Aron, her personal guard, Theon, and her friend, Mira. Jonas, in dark fury and pain, shouts at the departed royals that they are dead and that he will kill them personally. Jonas pulls the dagger out of Tomas's throat and almost immediately after, Tomas succumbs to his fatal injury. Jonas is overcome with agonizing grief over the death of his beloved older brother and is bewildered on why Tomas died. His father, Silas Agallon, who is also in deep grief, says that it is fate. But Jonas says with bitter rage that it was not fate and that Tomas was not meant to die by the hand of a cowardly Auranian lord. Clutching the body of his dead brother, Jonas vows that he will avenge Tomas by killing his brother's murderer, Aron Lagaris, and Princess Cleiona, who stood by, apparently indifferent, and watch her friend kill Tomas.

After leaving his brother's funeral, a grief-stricken and angry Jonas heads to the borders of the wealthy Kingdom of Auranos with Aron Lagaris's dagger to find Lord Aron and Princess Cleo, but he is halted by his best friend, Brion Radenos, who tries to reason with Jonas, telling that going to Auranos and demanding the Princess's head is suicide. He convinces Jonas to find another way to have his revenge.


Jonas is very stubborn, rebellious, and holds deep hatred for royals, especially Auranian ones, for keeping his people suffering in starvation and his country impoverished. When his brother was murdered by an Auranian lord, Aron Lagaris, Jonas's hatred grows thicker and darker and he swears vengeance against Auranos. He is charming, gutsy, adventurous, and has developed a strong righteous side that goes against all the wrongdoings. Jonas is also fiercely loyal, compassionate, and very protective when it comes to his family, friends, and fellow rebel comrades. Although smart and careful, Jonas is rather impulsive. His dark pained emotions take the best of him and he acts out in rage and reckless nature when he heads into danger without thinking that he could harm or kill himself. He is also very strong and brave and possesses qualities of a fierce fighter and a remarkable leader.


Jonas has deeply tanned, flawless skin from spending most of his time outside, dark brown hair, and copper- brown eyes. He is described as a very handsome boy, but Jonas believes that he is not as handsome as his brother, Tomas. His good looks unintentionally attract girls. He is also described to be tall, broad-shouldered, and very muscular. Although he has a pained gaze and often carries a very serious expression on his face all the time, in very rare moments, he does show a warmer look and sometimes gives a small reassuring nod or smile. He is often covered in some dirt and wears peasant-like ripped clothes, but it's described that Jonas "holds himself like no other peasant ever seen" and stands out in a crowd.


Familial Relationships Edit

Tomas Agallon Edit

Jonas's deceased older brother. It is described that Jonas had a very close relationship with Tomas. Tomas taught Jonas many things when Jonas was young, such as hunting, fighting, healing or treating wounds and how to fix broken limbs, and how to steal when necessary. Like Jonas, Tomas is very rebellious, stubborn, cunning, and also has a strong disdain against royals alike. Tomas never followed the laws of Paelsia given by Paelsia's Chieftain and always broke the codes in order to care for and feed his starving family. Because of that, Jonas aspires to be like his brother. Both Tomas and Jonas become enraged whenever an unjust act occurs, such as the meaningless quarrel against the arrogant and vain Aron Lagaris, who gave their father a very lowly payment for his famous Paelsian wine and insulted their sister, Felicia Agallon, showing complete disrespect and mockery. Tomas lashes out to strangle Aron, but Aron stabbed Tomas deep in the throat with a golden dagger before he could touch him. Jonas witnessed the brutal murder. After Aron's quick departure, Jonas deeply grieves over the death of his beloved brother and becomes completely enraged, and subsequently viciously plans to exact vengeance mostly against Aron, but also against Princess Cleo, who also was present at the horrible incident, and the hedonistic kingdom of Auranos, which Jonas considers oppressive. In Rebel Spring, Jonas still grieves over Tomas and is still infuriated over his death. He deeply hungers to spill Aron's blood, a hunger that it only increased when Aron takes the life of another one of Jonas's loved ones- his best friend, Brion Radenos. But he never gets the chance- Aron is killed by Magnus Damora minutes before Jonas finally reaches him.

Romantic Relationships Edit

Lysandra Barbas Edit

A fellow rebel who joins Jonas in Rebel Spring after her family is killed by King Gaius. She hates all royals and often clashes with Princess Cleiona Bellos due to her royal status. While she often argues with Jonas about his decision, or rather, his indecision, as a rebel leader, she cares deeply for him. She is captured at the end of Rebel Spring after an attack on Prince Magnus's camp, located in the shadow of the Forbidden Mountains. In Gathering Darkness, after being freed by Jonas, and spared from execution, she accompanies him and his new friend Felix Gaebras to gather the Kindred for Cleo. The trio manages to claim the Earth and Air Kindred. She and Jonas share a kiss before they are interrupted by Felix. The pair confronts Felix about his past, of which they have just discovered the truth. Felix was a Limerian orphan who had been taken in and raised by the Clan of the Cobra, a group of assassins loyal to King Gaius. Jonas attacks Felix, who reacts defensively and greatly wounds Jonas. Lysandra rushes to Jonas's side, and Felix makes off with the Air Kindred, admitting that he was a servant of King Gaius, sent to kill Jonas, but upon seeing Jonas, had decided not to, and to instead turn over a new leaf and aid the rebel cause. Felix says that Jonas's distrust in him was disappointing. In Frozen Tides, Lysandra scours Paelsia alongside Jonas, looking for something to heal his now infected wound. A "witch" named Olivia overhears the tale of their plight and decides to aid them. She heals Jonas with powerful earth elementia. After Jonas has fully recovered, the trio travel to Limeros to kill Prince Magnus, only to form an uneasy truce with him in order to de-throne the King. While on a secret mission for Cleo, Jonas encounters Princess Lucia in the Paelsian markets with Kyan - the Fire Kindred. Jonas provokes Kyan, and Kyan attempts to kill Jonas with an Arrow of Fire, but Lysandra intervenes, stepping between Jonas and Kyan and taking the arrow for Jonas. Lysandra absorbs the fire, which causes her to combust. She dies, but not before confessing her love for Jonas, and him confessing his for her in return. This leaves Jonas heartbroken, but more determined to end the Damora Reign.

Cleiona Bellos Edit

The beautiful Golden Princess of Auranos. Jonas and Cleo encountered one another during the brutal incident in the market. Horrified by the turn of events, Cleo departed the market with her betrothed Aron Lagaris. Jonas swore vengeance against not only on Aron but Cleo as well. Jonas considered Cleo as a "snake" or "evil, selfish princess", and he mistakenly remembers her "smiling and laughing" down at his brother's corpse, even though she did not such thing as was clearly just as horrified as Jonas himself. Jonas challenges her with all of these accusations but surprisingly, Cleo challenges him back, saying that she is not evil and that she is deeply regretful and remorseful for what happened at the market. Although Jonas claims to hate Princess Cleo, he also seems to be quite attracted to her, not only because of her stunning beauty (although he does admit her to be "the most beautiful girl he'd ever seen"), but also because of her feisty nature, her bravery, and her fierce spirit.  They kiss in a cave and in the temple of Cleiona.

Later on in the series, Jonas realizes he can no longer hate or blame Cleo for his brother's passing and so the two remain a complicated, reluctant, and uneasy sort-of-truce. In Rebel Spring, Jonas believes that Cleo is more likely a prisoner of war than an ally to King Gaius. To make certain that his beliefs are true, he visits Cleo in her chambers and asks her to be his spy against the Damoras. Cleo rejects his offer and tells him that she will never trust him. Still believing that using the princess will take down King Gaius and cease construction on the Imperial Road, Jonas visits Princess Cleo a second time and kidnaps her again. But since his plans to stop construction on the road are failing, Cleo tells him to let her return to the palace to stop King Gaius's search parties slaying more innocent people. Jonas stubbornly disagrees, but after he unexpectedly kisses her and forms another plan with her to stop King Gaius, Jonas lets her go. It's still whether unclear that he is growing strong (romantic) feelings for her or not, but hints in the story reveal that he is slowly coming to trust and deeply care for her. In Gathering Darkness, he gathers the Earth and Air Kindred for Cleo. In Frozen Tides, he and Cleo both form a truce with Prince Magnus after he discovers they have been working together. He gives the Earth Kindred to Cleo ( neglecting to tell her that the Air Kindred was stolen from him ) and goes on a mission for her, during which Lysandra is murdered. He then bids Cleo farewell at the docks as he plans to follow King Gaius to the Kraeshian Empire.

By the last books of the series, the two established a more platonic relationship. Cleo admits that she loved Jonas very much, but not as much as Lysandra loved him. Jonas even admits the same thing to her. Both the rebel and the princess now share a very strong friendship.

Notable Friendships Edit

Felix Graebas Edit

Felix is a Limerian assassin, sent to kill Jonas by King Gaius, but ultimately decides to aid Jonas and join his crusade. He saves Jonas at the beginning of Gathering Darkness from a squad of Limerian soldiers and joins him on his mission to assassinate King Gaius. Felix is shown to be very skilled in combat and has no problem in killing others. After collecting the Earth and Air Kindred, it is discovered that Felix is from the Clan of the Cobra, an assassin group under the control of the King. Upon this discovery, Jonas and Lysandra planned to ditch Felix in fear he was a double agent. However, Felix overhears their conversation and injures Jonas before revealing that while he was in the Clan of the Cobra, he had full intention of joining Jonas and had planned on abandoning the King. Now feeling betrayed by Jonas, he takes the Air Kindred and leaves. In Frozen Tides, he decides his next best option is to return to King Gaius and deliver the Air Kindred as a sign of loyalty. King Gaius is appeased by this and makes Felix one of his bodyguards on his trip to the Kraeshian Empire. While there, he begins to fall for Princess Amara, who takes him as a lover. After the death of her family, for which Amara was responsible for, she takes the title of Empress and claims to be "the sole survivor of a rebel attack", the blame for which she lies completely on Felix's shoulders. Felix is framed for the poisoning and is thrown into the Kraeshian dungeons. Felix is tortured and loses an eye before he is rescued by Jonas, who apologizes for mistrusting Felix. Felix then pledges himself to Jonas and is determined to see Amara and the King (who allowed Amara to use Felix as a scapegoat) suffer. Felix is also determined to kill Kyan after learning of Lysandra's demise.

Olivia Edit

A self-proclaimed "witch" who heals Jonas in Frozen Tides, and agrees to join him. After the death of Lysandra, it is revealed that she is actually a Watcher from the Sanctuary sent to protect Jonas by her elder, Timotheus. Unlike previous Watchers who exiled themselves in order to walk in the human world, she is still able to transform into a hawk and travel to and from the Sanctuary due to the "sorceress's blood" being spilled, thus removing the mystical walls that kept the Watchers trapped in the Sanctuary. While Jonas was upset with her for allowing Lysandra to die, he gives her a second chance to redeem herself and allows her to continue to protect him. Jonas describes her as gorgeous, with obsidian black hair, shimmering brown skin, and emerald colored eyes.

Jonas Agallon and Brion Radenos.

Brion Radenos Edit

Jonas's best friend and second-in-command of the Rebellion. Like his relationship with his brother Tomas, Jonas also has a very close friendship with Brion. He and Brion have been one of the closest of friends since childbirth and always share a sense of adventure and justice together. Brion is charming, smart, and kind. He is also very loyal, strong, brave and is considered as a brother-figure to Jonas. During Jonas's grieving for his brother Tomas, Brion comforts him as a good friend and helps him exact vengeance against the terrible things that have wronged their people and their country. Brion seems to be the only one who can calm Jonas's rage and advise him on the decisions he makes. He fights alongside with Jonas in the war of conquering Auranos, but after the death of their Chieftain and learning the truth about King Gaius, Jonas and Brion rebel against their new king and together began to form a group of courageous rebels. They have been seen together traveling around areas, hoping to recruit new rebels to join their growing army and searching for secret information to take down King of Blood. In Rebel Spring, Brion claims he loves Lysandra, however, he eventually comes to understand that she has feelings for Jonas. Brion is killed by Lord Aron after the rebels attempt to steal weapons from Magnus's traveling party. While Magnus wished to keep him alive in order to find Jonas, Aron killed him in order for his secret of killing the queen to remain a secret from Magnus, as Brion would have defended Jonas ( who was accused of killing her ). Jonas and Lysandra witnessed his murder and were deeply upset and determined to avenge him.