House Damora refers to all members of the Damora Family, the family dynasty of Limeros. The members, in order of age, are as follows:

  • Davidus Damora
  • Selia Damora
  • Gaius Damora
  • Althea Damora (by marriage)
  • Magnus Damora
  • Lucia Damora (by adoption)
  • Cleiona Bellos-Damora (although Cleo is officially a Damora, by marriage, it should be noted that in terms of loyalty or allegiance she receives from this family, save from Prince Magnus, and only later on in the series)
  • Lyssa Damora (Lucia's daughter, whose existence, as of yet, is still unknown to the members of this family)
  • Magnus and Cleo’s unborn son, whose existence is revealed at the end of Immortal Reign. Prophesied to be a boy, he will likely be his parent’s heir to the kingdom of Mytica. It is implied he will grow up to be strong and handsome and that he will discover a treasure of great importance for the whole world.