Gaius Damora, also known as the King of Blood, was father to Magnus Damora and Lucia Damora.

Gaius is mentioned in all books - Falling Kingdoms, Rebel Spring, Gathering Darkness, Frozen Tides, Crystal Storm and Immortal Reign.

In Falling Kingdoms, Gaius Damora is ruler of Limeros and then soon ruler of all Mytica. He uses his daughter, Lucia, to break into the Aurainian Castle and take over Auranos. In the end, he succeeds in taking over Auranos and all of Mytica. He kills the Auranian royal family except for Cleiona Bellos who survived and who later weds his son, Magnus Damora in Rebel Spring. During the war, King Gaius teams up with Paelsian leader, Chief Basillius. Gaius betrays Cheif Basillius and kills him to take all the power.

In Rebel Spring, Gaius is now in control of Mytica and is residing in Auranos. During his speech, he announces the wedding of Cleo and Magnus, which is a surprise to both.

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