Felicia Agallon is the sister of Jonas and Tomas Agallon and the only daughter of Silas Agallon, the famous Paelsian wine seller.

Description Edit

Felicia was described as a lovely dark-haired girl that greatly resembled her father.

Role in the Novels Edit

The tragedy that claimed the life of her elder brother Tomas occurred on her wedding day. Later on, Jonas uses Felicia's shed to imprison and hold Princess Cleo, who Jonas and the rebels were planning to use against King Corvin, her father. In Crystal Storm, Jonas seeks refuge with the heavily pregnant Lucia Damora in Felicia's household. During their night long stay, Jonas learns that his father, stricken with grief from the loss of Chief Basilius, has died, and so has Paulo, Felicia's husband, or so Felicia assumes. He was taken by Limerian forces to work on the Imperial Road, known as the Blood Road to Paelsians, and never returned. Felicia, the only remaining member of the Agallon family, became responsible from the entirety of the Agallon family business. Felicia regards her brother with nothing but contempt and claims that he has abandoned his family. She becomes increasingly infuriated when she learns Lucia's true identity from Jonas. She forbids him to ever return.

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