Cleiona is the Auranian goddess of Air and Fire.

History Edit

Cleiona was originally an Elder Watcher, one of the six original beings of their kind. Melenia, another Elder Watcher convinced Cleiona and her sister Valoria to steal the Kindred from their sister Eva, whose magic was greatly weakened from having given birth to a half-mortal child. Cleiona claimed the moonstone and amber -Air and Fire- crystals, but without Eva's ring, she was corrupted. The Kindred siblings of Fire and Air quickly consumed her and led her on a path to self-destruction. They pitted her against her sister, Valoria, who had claimed the Water and Earth Kindred, claiming that in order to achieve true divinity and total omnipotence, she had to best Valoria and claim the other two Kindred. The sisters clashed against one another, but neither prevailed, each ultimately destroying the other.

Worship Edit

The Auranian people venerate Cleiona as their patron goddess, believing her to be an elemental being. Unbeknownst to them, Cleiona was actually a Watcher, fallen from grace.