Brion Radenos was a seventeen year old Paelsian peasant who rebelled against King Gaius. He was the closest friend of Jonas Agallon, and fought alongside him under Chieftain Basilius against Auranos. After the Chief was betrayed and murdered by his ally, King Gaius of Limeros, who then enslaved all of Paelsia, Brion and Jonas chose to rebel and formed one of the most well known rebel groups in Mytica. Brion was Jonas's most loyal rebel comrade, but they did disagree from time to time, and there was a rift between them as of Rebel Spring, caused by fellow rebel Lysandra, who often disagreed with Jonas and who Brion fancied. During the search for Queen Althea's murderer, presumably Jonas, Brion was captured by Prince Magnus Damora and questioned about Jonas's whereabouts. Brion denied Jonas's guilt, and did so without guile. Magnus was somewhat swayed by his testimony, and would have continued to interrogate Brion, were it not for Aron Lagaris, who slit Brion's throat before he could be questioned further. It is later revealed that it was Aron that killed Queen Althea, on the king's orders, and that he killed Brion so as to prevent him from further persuading Magnus of Jonas's innocence.