Blood Magic is the act of drawing power from blood and sacrifice. It is seen all though out the Falling Kingdoms series as a driving force in Mytica. This type of magic is mostly practiced by Witches, mostly the strengthen themselves, power a spell, or create items and substances that could not naturally be created throug normal methods.

Abilities and usesEdit

Certain abilities Of Blood Magic is the strengthening of spells, drawing energy from sacrifice, the activation of rituals and objects, and creating substances. For example, Sabina and her sister used Blood Magic to cast their spells when they had run out of energy, and the rituals to uncover the Kindred also required blood in order to acquire them. The downsides of Blood Magic is that it requires sacrifice and pain, usually at the cost of the user or others. It’s magic that requires death in some measure, such as the witch needed a sacrifice to create a sleeping potion.