Lord Aron Lagaris was an Auranian Lord whose rash actions led to his kingdom's demise.

History Edit

Aron was a vain and arrogant Auranian Lord whose poor decisions and cowardice led Auranos to war. Despite his haughty demeanor, he was extremely insecure and could not handle insults. This was primarily because of his heritage. He was the only son of Sebastien Lagaris, Lord of Elder's Pitch, but because Sebastien's wife was barren and unable to conceive, Sebastien seeded one of his servant girls and adopted the bastard as his legal son. Although this was not common knowledge, Aron was still extremely sensitive about it, and it made him easy to provoke.

Aron's father was an important man, and a friend of King Corvin. Because of this, and because of his proximity to Cleo in age, the two were betrothed, despite Cleo's ongoing distaste for him.

Description Edit

Aron was described as attractive and charismatic, but he had a loathsome personality. He had a slight frame, and pale skin, from spending all his time indoors.

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