Amia was a Limerian peasant girl who served as a maid at Castle Damora. Prince Magnus took a liking to her, and the two became lovers. She was incredibly sly and somewhat ambitious. She served as a spy on the Crown Prince's behalf, collecting tidbits of information her and there, and, in turn, she believed she would became the prince's official mistress when he ascended the throne. Amia's efforts were, however, in vain, for Prince Magnus had little to no real interest in her, and commented, internally, once that he often forgot she existed when she was not in the room. Ultimately, Amia was caught spying by King Gaius, and was interrogated in the dungeon of Castle Damora. Magnus was present, and he gave her permission, discreetly, to implicate him, but she did not. Magnus managed to convince the king to show her mercy, and he released her to continue working in the palace. But Magnus did not trust his father to truly spare her, so he sent Amia away with enough gold to build a new life for herself in some far away village, instructing her never to return within the king's line of sight. Magnus's efforts to save her were, however, in vain, for the king took notice of her departure and sent guards to hunt her down. She was executed immediately upon discovery, as the king informs Magnus near the beginning of Rebel Spring, not knowing the true depth of Amia and Magnus's relationship and believing it to be casual conversation.